Café Atitlan Moves to New Location

With a unique menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Café Atitlan has been a popular restaurant for several years. Café Atitlan just moved to Hostel Jarachik, conveniently located halfway between the zona viva and Seventh Avenue’s strip of bars and restaurants. (Like Café Atitlan, Hostel Jarachik is also Maya-owned and operated, and is an excellent place to stay.)

Dining at Cafe Atitlan

The menu offers unusual meals like the Elvis Waffle (with peanut butter, bacon and chocolate syrup!) and the Calgary Cowboy Burger. Budget breakfasts are also popular with locals and travelers alike.  Drop by Cafe Atitlan for more info.

Water Level of Lake Atitlan Still Rising

Despite no major storms or tropical depressions so far this rainy season, the water level continues to rise. In San Pedro, it has begun seeping into the back area of La Piscina near the Santiago dock.

Another meter, and it will begin to flood the front part where the pool and bar are located. It rained off and on most of last night, and with run-off from the mountains and volcanoes that surround Atitlan, this could easily occur in the next few weeks.

Real Estate and Rentals

Looking for a vacation home or property where you can live or even retire in Central America?

Lake Atitlan real estate offers a tranquil place to live, several flourishing ex-pat communities, incredible views of the lake and three volcanoes, and excellent prices. See Real Estate and Rental for more info.


Lake Atitlan Marathon called World-class Event

The Lake Atitlan Marathon completed May 12 was just picked by ESPN as one of the most outstanding marathons in the world – sharing feature space with the Great Wall of China and the Antartica runs. See

Posted by Ricard Morgan from Panajachel’s Posada los Encuentros.

Hospitalito in Santiago

The most modern, professional health facility on this side of Lake Atitlan is Hospitalito in Santiago, which serves the local population of 50,000 Maya and a growing ex-pat community.

Savvy locals from San Pedro and San Marcos also go here for lab work, X-rays, treatment and a full range of other medical services. Funded by donations, Hospitalito needs to buy a new ambulance to better serve the community. For more information,  email the treasurer (David at Posada Santiago) at Help Hospitalito Santiago.

This link tells more about Hospitalito Santiago.

Nightlife and Bars at the Lake

Unique bars and clubs are scattered around the lakeside towns of Atitlan, from Circus Bar in Panajachel to Café Quila’s in Santiago.

San Pedro has the most bars, and even some restaurants offer live music, free movies and other entertainment, such as two weekly pub quizzes. Links on Atitlan bars lead to more info.

Café Atlantis in Panajachel

A surprising inexpensive place to dine and drink in Panajachel, Café Atlantis has a festive bar, outdoor seating in a tropical garden, and a spacious new dining room.

Cafe Atlantis

It’s in the heart of Panajachel’s zona viva, across from Restaurante Casablanca. For more info, see Cafe Atlantis.