Schools at Lake Atitlan: Spanish and Cooking

The fast track to learning to speak Spanish is to study with teachers whose primary language is Spanish. By doing so at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, you will also be able to practice throughout the day, and you can learn about the local culture at the same time.

Spanish-language schools highly recommended by their previous students are Casa Rosario and Escuela Cooperativo. Another top choice, the San Pedro Spanish School has classes in other towns around Lake Atitlan.

Cooking Schools at Lake Atitlan

Guatemalan-style cooking, which differs greatly from Mexican food, is taught around the lake. Cooking classes at Café la Puerta in San Pedro la Laguna are run by a Maya chef with gourmet training.

One comment on “Schools at Lake Atitlan: Spanish and Cooking

  1. Jeremiah Dennehy says:


    I recommend San Pedro Spanish School, which is based in A small town in Lake Atitlan.

    The school is very well and professionally organised, with after class activities to further practice your Spanish. The schools setting is beautiful and although San Pedro does get more English speakers than other ‘pueblos’, in general very few speak English here. There is not loads to do so it’s tranquilty helps you immerse yourself in the language.

    I stayed with a family at the edge of the town, about 10 min walk from the school. I could not recommend this family (Vikki & Rafael, who also run a shop called Tienda Jacqueline) enough. The food they cooked me was amazing and they were very hospitales at all times. They also have a young daughter who always wants to chat. Perfecto no?!…


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