Water Level of Lake Atitlan Still Rising

Despite no major storms or tropical depressions so far this rainy season, the water level continues to rise. In San Pedro, it has begun seeping into the back area of La Piscina near the Santiago dock.

Another meter, and it will begin to flood the front part where the pool and bar are located. It rained off and on most of last night, and with run-off from the mountains and volcanoes that surround Atitlan, this could easily occur in the next few weeks.

5 comments on “Water Level of Lake Atitlan Still Rising

  1. STEVE GALAT (Florida USA) says:

    Thanks for important news about Water Levels! Also, is there still any concern regarding the blooming cyanobacteria, mudslides, etc)? Also, somebody said to AVOID Pana at all costs and just head for San Pedro La Laguna….What do you think?


    • No mudslides from Antigua to the lake this time of year, and don’t recall any major ones this rainy season, which was nowhere as intense as in 2011.

      The algae is not blooming right now. But you will still see patches of the stuff around the lake, especially the docks For swimming, just avoid any water that looks suspicious. Better yet, kayak to a site away from populated areas for cleaner water and more privacy. From San Pedro, go right past the farms on the coast.

      Whether to go directly to San Pedro or via Panajachel depends over several factors. The two-hour trip to Pana from Antigua is almost twice as fast (2 hours). The ride is more comfortable than a shuttle or bus directly to San Pedro. These are factors for some people.

      And a lot depends on the time you leave Antigua. If late, you may miss the last direct boat to San Pedro, usually around 6 PM, and have to spend the night in Pana. You can leave Antigua at 8 AM and be in San Pedro by noon, which gives you an extra day in town over arriving via Pana.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.



      • STEVE GALAT (Florida USA) says:

        m’Man Shay! Muchos gracias por su aclaración magistral! Actually, my plan is to by-pass Antigua altogether — Too popular, like San Miguel de Allende (Guanajuato, Mexico). Also, I won’t be swimming in beautiful cold mountain Lake Atitlán, whatever its condition…I’d just like the view. I did hear, though, that Hotel Kakchiquel may have a heated pool & jacuzzi, but have not been able to confirm; also Hotel Dos Mundos & Posada de los Volcanes are nice places to stay….I’d be grateful for your opinion. Other denizens advise to AVOID Pana altogether (too funky noisy) and just head over to San Pedro La Laguna (Mikaso Hotel?) In any case, I’d need to hire you to Guide me around. Lemmeeknow. STEVE GALAT (Hallandale Beach, Florida)


  2. Mikaso has two Jacuzzis on the rooft with great views. Also closer to bars and restaurants on 7th Avenue than the other place you mentioned, which is in the zona viva. In Pana, I like Posada de los Encuentros, which is not as noisy as places on Santander.

    If arriving at the airport, there are no scheduled direct shuttles to the lake. Taxi costs $100 or so. From Mexico and Xela, shuttles do not go to San Pedro, only Pana.

    Let me know when you will be in SP.


    • STEVE GALAT (Florida USA) says:

      Thanks, pal. I’ll Google La Posada de los Encuentros. From the airport, I’ll make my way to a bus station and see how close I can get to Atitlan. My idea is to pass 9 days in Pana, then 12 days at Mikaso. My dates now are January 9 – 28, 2013….Hasta la Vista!


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