San Pedro Hotels and Hostels

Hotel Prices in San Pedro la Laguna

These prices for hotel and hostel rooms and dormitories were updated today.

Casa Atitlan (formerly Jarachik)

Rooms: Off season $7-$8 US, high season $14-$28 US for room. Dorms: off season $6-$7, high season, $6-$7. Email: Phone: 502-7721-8319

Hotel Mikaso

All rooms have private bath. Room with view Q280 ($35). Without view, Q195 ($24.50). Dormitory: Q60 ($7.5) per person) Phone: 502-7721-8232

Hostel Zoola

Double occupancy rooms without bath, Q45 per person. With bath, Q50 per person. Dormitories that sleep up to six, no bunk beds, Q35 per person.

For more info on lodging at the lake, see Lake Atitlan Hotels.


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