Boccie and Burgers: Petanque Competition in San Pedro

Win a Bottle of Tequila at the Pool Party!

First prize at Thursday’s boccie ball (Petanque) is a bottle of Tequila. It takes place January 24 at The Deep End Bar and Pool (la piscina formerly known as Prince), next to the dock for boats to Santiago. The party goes from noon to 5 PM, and the boccie ball game starts at 2.


Burgers and Drink Specials

Smokin’ Joes’ BBQ will cook up the burgers that made him Joe famous. Q10 Brahvas.

The event is in collaboration with El Barrio Bar, Mr. Mullet’s Hostel and Hotel/Restaurante Fe, all in San Pedro.

For more news about things to do at Lake Atitlan, visit Lake Atitlan.

One comment on “Boccie and Burgers: Petanque Competition in San Pedro

  1. tzununa enarc says:

    avoid at all cost the large “cliche” of gringos that spend most of their day gossiping and acting in an obnoxious and elite manner, they believe that they are somewhat exempt from acting in a rational and respectable manner, they do believe they live in disneyland and have the right to act as many gringos do “ugly americans” and some are down right ugly and live very unhealthy lives. avoid the pool party unless you are truly looking for an experience that you could have in florida or california, for those looking for a guatemalan experience, visit san juan or any other town other than san pedro la locura


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