Got a Special Event or News about Lake Atitlan?

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One comment on “Got a Special Event or News about Lake Atitlan?

  1. Joanna says:

    Fiesta Azul No. 4

    Saturday, February 16 2013
    12pm – 12am
    Lakeside at Hotel Vision Azul (Finca San Buena Aventura) en Panajachel.

    Fiesta Azul, the project, is a series of cultural festivals designed to promote domestic tourism in Panajachel and the surrounding towns. Taking place on the shores of Atitlan in Panajachel sporadically throughout the year, Fiesta Azul aims to cultivate, disseminate and showcase the good vibes of Lake Atitlan. Fiesta Azul offers visitors and residents, families and friends, a unique way to enjoy the lake and experience it’s culture through a festive atmosphere featuring the best-of what the lake has to offer.

    On stage at Fiesta Azul IV is the reggae soul music of FERXA, presenting us with her new album titled “Danger”. At sunset, as we light the campfire and enjoy a fire dance show, all are invited to pick up their drums and join in the live drum circle lead by GIOVANNI PINZON and the HERMANOS DE CUERO. As night sets, the good vibes continue with the vibrant rock music of HOT SUGAR MAMA. Finally, for those looking for a more nocturnal beet we close the show with the electronic sounds of DJ PAJARO JAGUAR, DJ AEROFUSTAN accompanied by the visual arts of VJ SINE.

    In the Fiesta Azul IV space, visitors will be able to peruse the eclectic collection of artisanal products for sale in the Blue Market, and enjoy the food, natural juices, and cocktails offered in the Blue Bar. Accompanying the decorative ambient of the event will be circus performers of CAJA LUDICA and Fiesta Azul’s own BLUE FAIRIES who will be sprinkling the crowd with coupons for great deals and discounts at participating local businesses.

    Admission: Q80
    Lake Residents (with Solola DPI): Q40

    For more information:
    Fiesta Azul (grupo, evento)


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