Italian Food in San Pedro: Specials

Tonight the special home-cooked meal at El Barrio bar is a big plateful of Lasagna. There’s a different special every Tuesday evening, but get there early because serving are limited.

For more info on this bar, see El Barrio Bar.

One comment on “Italian Food in San Pedro: Specials

  1. David Bell says:

    Hi Shay,

    My name is David Bell, a fellow Lake Atitlan aficionado! A friend and I were travelling through San Pedro in July of 2012 and had we known about your blog it would have saved us several hours of wandering aimlessly for the best parties and bars around the lake.

    The reason I write is because I noticed that you are currently based at Lake Atitlan and I have been trying to establish contact with a guatemalan gentleman who owns a small shoe shop in San Pedro and responsible for making a pair of shoes I purchased in 2012.

    The shoes were made of traditionally woven mayan cotton fabric and used car tyres as the soles. When I returned to the UK the shoes had an overwhelmingly popular response. My travelling friend (Ben) and I are hoping to make contact with the producer to ship a large order of shoes over to the UK. If we are able to sell the shoes we are hoping to continue dealing with the gentleman and in the long term donate profits back into disaster relief organisations and weaving associations around the lake.

    I know this message may seem a little odd from a complete stranger but we have had little aid from the hostel and bar owners of whom we are familiar. You may not be able to help us establish contact with the producer but any help you could give that could get us closer to starting a conversation would be much appreciated.

    I hope this message finds you well.

    Pura Vida!

    David Bell

    United Kingdom


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