Girls, Girls, Girls!

That’s all the guys in San Pedro la Laguna have been talking about for days, since a wave of hot women arrived in town.

bannerbarriodancingbarThis photo was taken at El Barrio Bar in San Pedro la Laguna, one of the liveliest examples of nightlife at Lake Atitlan.

New International Airport on Guatemala’s Pacific Coast

Construction was completed on a new international airport south of Retalhuleu this week. International flights from Central America and Mexico will commence next month. This city is on the way to Mexico along the northwest Pacific coast.

Now travelers going to the lake can fly into Reu, as it’s called, and take a Pullman bus and chicken bus to Santiago in five hours for about Q100. This will also turn the area into a booming tourism market. There are black sand beaches, Mayan and Olmec ruins, a water park and other attractions on the Florida-like Pacific coast.

This Week’s Home Cooked Meal at El Barrio in San Pedro

Moroccan Chicken is this Tuesday’s dinner special at El Barrio Bar. Arrive early, as portions are limited. Starts around 7 PM every Tuesday night. Discover more about what’s happening in San Pedro la Laguna at San Pedro Atitlan News.

Too Many Restaurants in San Pedro la Laguna?

There are now at least 25 restaurants in San Pedro, and that doesn’t include the taco stands, comedors and other places to eat that are run by Maya. That’s great for travelers, who can choose from sushi, steak, fresh Pacific seafood, smoked barbecue, Irish stew, vegetarian fare like curry, and even Southern-style biscuits with sausage gravy. And that’s just a few of the many varieties of food in San Pedro.

Even so, 25 restaurants is way too many for this town, and local tourism savants are predicting that it’s time to thin the herd. That will happen in May, when things slow down a bit.

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Bar of the Month for February 2014: The Deep End Bar and Pool

The Bar of the Month for Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, is The Deep End Bar and Pool in San Pedro la Laguna. See Deep End Bar and Pool for a review.