All-you-can-eat Barbecue at Maya Moon Lodge in #Tzununa

The Saturday barbecue starts at noon every Saturday at this cliffside three-level in Tzununa #Atitlan. Great drink specials and beer deals too!


It’s a five-minute boat ride from San Marcos. See their site at Maya Moon Lodge.

Security and Safety Around the Lake

It’s hard to run into trouble here. Most parts of the lake are safe most of the time. But like anywhere else, it’s when you let your guard down that they get you. And read our Safety and Security FAQ, at the end of the page.

Authentic Mayan Meals at El Barrio Bar in San Pedro la Laguna

Every Thursday evening, El Barrio Bar serves the only pure Mayan food in San Pedro la Laguna.

Pepian, a stew, is one of the authentic Mayan meals served on Thursdays at El Barrio Bar in San Pedro la Laguna.

Tonight’s dish is Pepian, a sort of chicken stew flavored with chocolate. They start serving around 6 PM, and portions are limited.