Security and Safety Around the Lake

It’s hard to run into trouble here. Most parts of the lake are safe most of the time. But like anywhere else, it’s when you let your guard down that they get you. And read our Safety and Security FAQ, at the end of the page.

Legal Marijuana Sales in Guatemala Hoax

Cannabis (Marijuana) Still Illegal in Guatemala

A recent story in Guatemala’s El Periodico reporting that over-the-counter marijuana sales will being on January 15 in four provinces proved to be a joke. It came out on December 28, Day of the Innocents, which is the local version of April Fool’s Day.

Marijuana Laws in Guatemala

However, the President continues to lobby for legalization of drugs for commercial growing and sales, both in Guatemala and other Central American countries, and has even done so at the United Nations. While marijuana remains illegal, the laws against possession of small amounts are rarely enforced at Lake Atitlan and other parts of Guatemala, as long as people don’t smoke openly.

Lake Atitlan, the most magical lake in the world, is a laid-back place in Guatemala.

Lake Atitlan is a great place to vacation or live. San Pedro la Laguna, Panajachel, Santiago, San Marcos and Santiago are home to retirees from around the globe, as well as to the living Maya. These are some of the most affordable places to live in Central America.

A variety of bars and restaurants provide cheap to moderate dining options, and there’s lively nightlife in San Pedro, Santiago and Panajachel.

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