El Barrio Bar’s Final Countdown – and New Beginning

The ever-popular El Barrio Bar is tossing a going away part of sorts, as the current owners celebrate their final days at the 7th Avenue bar in San Pedro la Laguna. El Barrio will be open today through Saturday, with once-in-a-lifetime drink and food specials, as seen in the sign. If you’re in San Pedro this week, El Barrio is the place to party.

El Barrio Bar is one of the top bars in San Pedro la Laguna, Lake Atitlan.

El Barrio Bar in San Pedro la Laguna’s Final Countdown in May 2014

El Barrio’s new owner say the bar will reopen in mid-June, probably between the 16th and 21st. For more San Pedro and Lake Atitlan news, see Lake Atitlan News.

Italian Food in San Pedro: Specials

Tonight the special home-cooked meal at El Barrio bar is a big plateful of Lasagna. There’s a different special every Tuesday evening, but get there early because serving are limited.

For more info on this bar, see El Barrio Bar.

Another Earthquake Today, Sunday, in Guatemala. A 6.4 Quake

struck off the Pacific coast of Guatemala around 5 PM MST. No reports from the scene yet. People in San Marcos felt it at Lake Atitan, and someone in Santiago reported that things hanging on the walls had “…moved quite a bit.” The magnitude was later reduced to 6.2.

Look for updates on these sites:Antigua Guatemala Earthquake News or Lake Atitlan News.