What to Eat on Tuesday in San Pedro

It’s almost 6 PM on a Tuesday evening, when El Barrio Bar serves unique home-cooked meals. Tonight is Trish’s North Korean barbecue. Don’t recall the name, but the marinated strips of a find cut of meat make this one of the town’s top dishes.

Then over in the zona viva, it’s Mexican night at Alegre Pub. In addition to Chicken Fajitas, there are discounts of San Pedro’s largest array of Mexican beer, plus tequila.


13 Baktun Ceremonial Meal in San Pedro la Laguna

Mayan Dining for End of the World at Lake Atitlan

In San Pedro on December 21, 2012, Cafe la Puerta will serve nine tipico Guatemalan foods starting at noon. Some are World Heritage dishes, and it’s only Q40.

Restaurante Cafe la Puerta in San Pedro la Laguna

Cafe la Puerta is a great place for lunch or breakfast all year ’round. They make their own bread, even the tortillas. For more info, see Cafe la Puerta.

Home-cooked meals at El Barrio in San Pedro la Laguna

Last night I dropped in at El Barrio for another of Karl and Trish’s home-cooked meals, which they do every Tuesday evening. This time it was General Tso’s Chicken, a huge plateful of big, tender chunks of chicken in a tasty sauce and served with butter rice that was also great.

See El Barrio’s FaceBook page for more info.


Café Atlantis in Panajachel

A surprising inexpensive place to dine and drink in Panajachel, Café Atlantis has a festive bar, outdoor seating in a tropical garden, and a spacious new dining room.

Cafe Atlantis

It’s in the heart of Panajachel’s zona viva, across from Restaurante Casablanca. For more info, see Cafe Atlantis.

Happy Birthday, Circus Bar!

Today is the 29th birthday of Circus Bar in Panajachel. Drop by and celebrate with a shot of tequila or rum, and the best pizza in Panajachel!

Circus Bar in Pana

See Circus Bar for more details on a colorful place to dine and party when on vacation or living in Pana. (In Antigua, be sure to drop by the new Circus Bar there.)

D’Noz Restaurante in San Pedro la Laguna

Fish Friday’s at Restaurante D’Noz is a favorite with locals and travelers. Last week I had the salmon, a huge slab of fresh fish for only Q45, about $5 US.

D’Noz Restaurant in San Pedro, Lake Atitlan