Dining in San Pedro La Laguna on Thursday Nights

For some reason, Thursdays are a great night for eating at a local restaurant. At Alegre Pub, dinner costs half the regular price. El Barrio, on the other side of San Pedro la Laguna, presents Noche de Chapin at 7 PM, with authentic Mayan cuisine.

Italian Food in San Pedro: Specials

Tonight the special home-cooked meal at El Barrio bar is a big plateful of Lasagna.┬áThere’s a different special every Tuesday evening, but get there early because serving are limited.

For more info on this bar, see El Barrio Bar.

El Barrio Bar Gets Re-elected at Lake Atitlan

The votes are in, and from the exit polls we are projecting the El Barrio Bar is once again the best bar on 7th Avenue in San Pedro la Laguna. Everyone agrees El Barrio is still the place where the local ex-pats hang out on in San Pedro.

Weekly Events at El Barrio Bar

Each night starts with a spin of the wheel, when a customer gets to pick the drink special. Mojitos are Q10 every night (unless you would rather pay Q30 at a Pana bar), and so are Cuba Libres. Beer specials too.

El Barrio hosts a Pub Quiz on Wednesdays at 7 PM. On Mondays, you can get Q2 Chicken Wings with any liter of beer. Karl and Trish serve home-cooked meals on Tuesdays around 7. On Saturdays, dont miss the all-you-can-eat brunch from 10 AM-4 PM.

There’s satellite TV, music and bands or special events on some nights, and a cozy fire outside.

For a review of El Barrio, see San Pedro Nightlife. This link leads to the Facebook page for El Barrio San Pedro, with the latest information.

Home-cooked meals at El Barrio in San Pedro la Laguna

Last night I dropped in at El Barrio for another of Karl and Trish’s home-cooked meals, which they do every Tuesday evening. This time it was General Tso’s Chicken, a huge plateful of big, tender chunks of chicken in a tasty sauce and served with butter rice that was also great.

See El Barrio’s FaceBook page for more info.