Many Roads Blocked Monday-Wednesday This Week

Big protests next will see roadblocks of many main highways and demonstrations in the capital and other cities on August 25-27 (Tuesday through Thursday). Roadblocks begin at 5 AM daily, so the only way to travel to Lake Atitlan and other parts of Guatemala will at night on extremely overcrowded chicken buses, if at all. However, some shuttle companies know the back roads between Antigua and the lake, so check with them.

As of Tuesday, the road from Xela to the Mexican border and San Cristobal de las Casas was blocked. So was the Interamerican Highway in the Momostenango area and other parts of the country.

If flying out, shuttles will likely operate between Antigua and the airport after sundown, so spend the night before your departing flight in the capital to ensure missing the plane.

Shuttle Delays between Antigua and San Pedro

The trip from Antigua to San Pedro or San Marcos usually takes about three and a half hours, but due to road repairs can now take four-five hours. So morning departures from Antigua are better, because the 2 PM shuttles often arrive after dark. This is expected to continue for several months, and we’ll update the blog when transportation and shuttle times and other info changes.

From San Pedro to Antigua, shuttles now leave at 7:30 AM, so they still get in by 12:30. There are also 1 and 2 PM departures.

For an online travel guide about the lake, see Lake Atitlan Travel Guide.