Guatemala Weather Map

It’s another sunny day here at the lake, but looks like rain is headed this way. Here’s a link to an animated weather map of Mexico and Central America: Guatemala Weather.

My new book is out now, so I will be

be updating this blog more frequently in the future.


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Saturday in San Pedro

The all you can eat breakfast buffet at El Barrio goes on through 2 PM.

Deep End Bar and Pool tosses an all-day Beach Party with DJs.

At Restaurante Fe, the new “Fe’s Lake Party” features disco, daquiris, and DJs. Beer Pong and Diving Competition.

Zoola’s Bar Pool has a Theme Party.

It’s Sports and Steak Night at Alegre Pub.

The Clover has live music.

Mr. Mullet’s is hosting a “Paca Party” to celebrate the hostel’s first birthday.

Two New Buffets in San Pedro la Laguna

Restauranté Fé has two all you can eat buffets.  Pizza from wood-fired oven is on Monday evenings. Curry Buffet is served on Thursdays, featuring 6-8 curries. They have live music on some nights at both buffets.

For more info, see Restaurante Fe.