Bars in San Marcos, Lake Atitlan: Blind Lemon’s

Hard to find, because there are so few genuine bars, just pricey restaurants with bars. My favorite bar is Blind Lemon’s, up the trail and left from the ball court.

Named for a blues singer, Blind Lemon’s is the coolest bar in San Marcos la Laguna, Lake Atitlan.

Great hamburgers, cheap beer and drinks, and the owner, Carlos, plays a mean dobro.

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2nd Annual Blues and Jazz Festival in Santiago, Atitlan

A “Gourmet Blues and Jazz Cruise” boat departs the Panajachel dock at noon on December 1 for two concerts in Santiago. First stop, Posada de Santiago, then Hotel Bamboo and back to Pana.

One of the bands at the 2011 Blues Jazz Festival in Santiago, Lake Atitlan

Last year was a real hoot, so reserve early. In Guatemala, call 7721-7328 or visit Festival Santiago.

Home-cooked meals at El Barrio in San Pedro la Laguna

Last night I dropped in at El Barrio for another of Karl and Trish’s home-cooked meals, which they do every Tuesday evening. This time it was General Tso’s Chicken, a huge plateful of big, tender chunks of chicken in a tasty sauce and served with butter rice that was also great.

See El Barrio’s FaceBook page for more info.