Mayan Astrology and Cosmovision at Lake Atitlan

You can get your Mayan day sign and a full reading from several daykeepers at the lake. Kaqchikel and Tzu’tujil Maya can do so in Spanish or English, and several non-Maya also do authentic Mayan astrology readings. In San Pedro, check it out at Sina’s Books. In San Marcos, ask at Tienda 2012.

Mayan Astrology at Lake Atitlan

It is even possible to study the Sacred Calendar and Mayan spirituality in San Marcos and San Pedro. For more about Mayan astrology, see Mayan Astrology

Breakfast at the Blue Parrot Bar and Grill

One of my all-time favorite breakfast dishes, Biscuits with Sausage Gravy, is now served exclusively at the Blue Parrot Bar and Grill in San Pedro la Laguna. It’s only Q25, and you can get two eggs for only Q5 more.

They also have custom omelets, Eggs Benedict and other economical and tasty breakfasts as well and sandwiches, steaks and sausage. The Blue Parrot Bar and Grill is on 7th Avenue, across from El Barrio Bar. For a review of this restaurant, see the BBlue Parrot Bar and Grill.

Today is Australian Day at The Deep End Bar and Pool

In addition to Smokin’ Joes’ barbecue, there will be an Australian Slang Contest and more Aussie-related fun and music.

All at The Deep End Bar in San Pedro la Laguna, from noon until dusk.

Italian Food in San Pedro: Specials

Tonight the special home-cooked meal at El Barrio bar is a big plateful of Lasagna. There’s a different special every Tuesday evening, but get there early because serving are limited.

For more info on this bar, see El Barrio Bar.

Restaurant of the Month at Lake Atitlan for January 2014

is Cafe Dolphin in San Pedro la Laguna. This upstairs restaurant and bar overlooks Indian Nose from close to the shore. Full menu includes fresh seafood, steaks, Guatemala cuisine. For more info see Cafe Dolphin in San Pedro la Laguna Lake Atitlan