More Rain on the Way in Guatemala

Another heavy thunderstorms is predicted for Thursday. Last night it began after dark and rained through the night. This is happening across the country, though earlier in the day in Antigua and the capital. Honduras and Chiapas, Mexico are also getting intense rainfall.

#Semuc Champey: Bridge out on road from Antigua and Lake Atitlan, and road in bad condition too.

The bridge over the Rio Cabohon is in such bad shape that vehicles can no longer cross it. Some people have been daring enough to walk across the main bridge to Semuc Champey in northern Guatemala, even though many planks have already fallen into the river. This is extremely dangerous, even more so because the nearest hospital is hours away even when the roads are in good condition.

So if visiting Guatemala soon, especially for the national birthday and related festivals that culminate on September 15, check current conditions before going to Semuc Champey. Head for Lake Atitlan first, and go with the flow.

See Lake Atitlan News for the latest on what’s happening.

June Weather at Lake Atitlan 2014

Rain, rain, go away, say the weather forecasters about weather at Lake Atitlan Guatemala for June. The El Nino effect is projected to cause less rain, maybe even a drought, in June and July 2014, so we should have sunny skies this summer (which is really winter here).

Weather in May at Lake Atitlan in May 2014

The weather has been cold and wet for the past two days, as rainy season arrived on schedule in 2014.. Bt that’s after dark. We’ve had warm weather in the daytime, though the sky has been overcast much of the time.

Current forecasts are for this weather to last through May, but the El Nino effect is projected to cause a drought in June and July due to lack of rain. So if you’re planning a vacation at Lake Atitlan, put it off until then if possible. Unless, of course, you enjoy cold, wet weather!

Road and Traffic Conditions and Weather Forecasts in Guatemala

CONRED, a local agency, issues alerts on Twitter about roadblocks, traffic jams and weather forecasts for Guatemala. The link is Road & Traffic News from Guatemala.

For Lake Atitlan and Antigua weather directly from a tourism site at Lake Atitlan, see Lake Atitlan Weather.

Why do they call it rainy season?

Because it rains a lot. As it has done for the past week and is doing so at this very moment. But that’s not so bad. With fewer people visiting the lake, you get better service at bars and restaurants. And the rain this month has only gone on for an hour or two, so it is really a relief from the fair weather, which does get boring after a few months. Plus, Internet access is faster, because there are not as many people using it.

We hear that INGUAT, Guatemala’s tourist bureau, may change the name from rainy season to Brainy Season, the time when the smartest people show up here.

Hey! It just started raining again at 9:45 PM EST, the second downpour of the day.